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"You know what?  I'm really trying to be serious here. Hunter, I'm appealing to you as a human being."
*"I would hope that you have some shred of decency in you. You've ruined my life! You got what you want. You've driven my father absolutely crazy. Listen, it's over now. Would you please just sign thesepapers, please?"
*"I'm tired of your games, you insincere son of a b*tch!"
*"I hope my father CRIPPLES you at Armageddon."
*"You see, Dad, it's always been about what you like, what you want-- even at the expense of your own family. I did love Andrew-- but I wasn't ready to get married. That's what-- that's what YOU wanted."
*"And you know what, Dad? I'm not "Daddy's little girl" anymore."
*"I'm doing things my way, and it feels DAMN GOOD. You know, I have to admit, I used to get butterflies when Triple H would look at me... I didn't want to; I didn't really mean to, but just the way he would stand up to you; he was so... strong, and, and powerful. And he outsmarted you by making business personal. And that's something you know all about, Dad, isn't it-- making business personal. Oh-- oh, you look confused, like you don't remember. I guess it's been a long time-- it's, it's been almost a year since you had me ABDUCTED."
*"You had me locked in a rat-infested basement with no light-- I thought no one was coming for me-- you put me there. YOU put me there. Then you had someone rifle through all of my personal and private things in my bedroom. I didn't know what, what kind of person had been in through all of my PRIVATE things.YOU made them do it; YOU did. But then, the icing on the cake. You had me strapped to a symbol and carried down to this ring to be sacrificed to the Undertaker in a wedding. You did it. I was sacrificed, all right-- at my father's expense-- simply so you could screw Stone Cold Steve Austin."
*"But you know what, Daddy? Like I said a couple of weeks ago on SmackDown-- what goes around, comes around. You hurt me. And what's the best way that I could hurt you back? By marrying the man that you hate the most-- my husband, Triple H-- Hunter Hearst Helmsley."
*"Oh, oh, and by the way! Dad, just so you know-- Triple H really TURNS ME ON!"
*"Andrew, please dont be jealous. I did myself a favor by not marrying you"
*"Like it or not we're married!"
*"You know, guys, it's really nice that you're congratulating us and that you respect our newfound power and everything, but... you know, it's funny... you guys never respected me ever before; in fact, a lot of
times you actually berated me! Especially you, Joey. So maybe you'll respect me after tonight, because the three of you are going to take on the Acolytes. Good luck!"
-- Stephanie to the Mean Street Posse
*"He's your PARTNER!"
-- Stephanie defending her cheering of Test to Triple H
*"Well of-- can't you tell? I mean, I've got my Santa hat on, we've got all the decorations... thank you VERY much for helping me decorate the tree."
-- Stephanie to her husband, Triple H, on the 12/12/99 edition of RAW
*"Mick? I just wanted to say... Merry Christmas."
-- Stephanie slapping Mankind
*"If it wasn't for The Rock, I would still be your WWF Women's Champion. I held the women's championship for four months, twenty five days, twenty two hours, and forty seven minutes, and I always carried the championship with dignity, honor and pride. And now, who is your women's champion? A tatooed, lowlife, lowclass bimbo. And Mick Foley, I dont want an apology. I dont want your sympathy. I demand a rematch, here tonight, and I'm not leaving until I get it!"
*"I did; I did tell him. He must've forgot; I mean... the guy is not a rocket scientist. You know what? I guess that means Kurt Angle is still undefeated!"
-- Stephanie to Triple H backstage on the 12/27/99 edition of RAW
*"Chyna... AND Chris Jericho are BOTH the Intercontinental champion. Now what that means is that only one of you can defend the title at a time, and should you lose-- I suggest you listen, Chris, this is very important to you-- should one of you lose, you BOTH lose the championship."
-- Steph making her decision
*"Put down that champagne, Roadie."
-- Stephanie admonishing the Road Dogg backstage, who is immensely enjoying the championship celebration
*"It doesn't matter how you get it done, J.R.; the point is, getting it DONE."
-- Stephanie as the Outlaws interfere
*"The World Wrestling Federation championship should never have to have been defended in such a demeaning manner, but Triple H being the true fighting champion that he is, sunk to Cactus Jack's lowest low and rose to the occasion to remain my champion, your champion, the Game, Triple H!"
*"My name is Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley! Get it right J.R.!"
--Stephanie McMahon to JR at King of the Ring 2000
*"That's right. Tonight, history is being made. Never before has the WWF champion entered himself into a random lottery. Random drawing. It could even be one of you facing Triple H tonight!"
*"Never been done; and you know what? I am so incredibly proud of you."
*"Well, first of all, Roadie, you're not being punished, but no, I'm not the one making that decision; Hunter said he wanted to."
*"Thank you very much. This concerns each and every one of you, because tonight, one of you will have the chance to face the World Wrestling Federation champion, my husband, Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Never before in the history of the World Wrestling Federation has there been a champion with such honor and dignity, to defend his title in a random drawing against one of you."
*"All of your names have been entered, and only one will be chosen. But Triple H will defend againstall comers. He is a champion with... with spirit! He is a champion with pride, and I'm honored to be his wife. I am honored to introduce, not only MY champion, but YOUR champion, Triple H, Hunter Hearst Helmsley!"
*"Now, we're a little bit confused, because we don't understand why any one of you would ever threaten to leave! I mean, you can always come talk to us!"
*"You really are pathetic, aren't you? Trying to salvage your reputation after my husband, Triple H, beat you at your own game! And Triple H, he wanted to come out here! But we thought about it, and... why? He already proved that he is just as crazy, just as sadistic, and just as tough as Cactus Jack."
*"The four of you may have been hotshots where you came from, but here in the World Wrestling Federation, you have to PROVE who you are; you have to earn your stripes!"
-- Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley to the Radicals
*"You'll either get your butt kicked or... you'll get your butt fired!"
-- Triple H, then Steph, talking to Mick & Rock, on the day of the 'Pink Slip on a Pole' match
*"Triple H and I have been searching through the wonders of life since I have been away. The truth is that Hunter and I are trying to have a baby"
*"But I'll tell you what, Austin, if I were you, I would be looking over my shoulder this Monday night. As a matter of fact, I'd be looking above my head and down below my feet. Because sooner or later Triple H and I are going to drag you down where you belong. We're going to take you, Austin, to the depths of hell."