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Stephanie's wedding dress that she wore to marry Test was on display at WWFNY/The World before it closed

Stephanie is the second longest Women's Champ, second only to Fabulous Moolah

She held the title for four months, twenty-five days, twenty-two hours, and forty-seven minutes

Stephanie's first ever match was on September 20th, 1999 with Test against Jeff Jarrett and Debra

Stephanie was born in Hartford, CT but grew up in Greenwich, CT. She now lives in New York City

Stephanie's family includes: Shane, Vince and Linda McMahon, Marissa Mazola-McMahon, her uncle on Vince's side Rod, Pierre Clemont, better known as Pat Patterson, who is her godfather, Henry and Evelyn Edwards, who are her grandparents on her mother's side, and Juanita and Vince McMahon, who are her grandparents on her father's side

Stephanie has had four televised wedding ceremonies. The dark wedding with Undertaker, the wedding to Test, the drive through wedding with HHH, and the wedding renewals with HHH

Stephanie got engaged to Triple H on Valentine's Day, 2003

Stephanie's other WWE jobs: Account Executive at the New York Sales Offices, answered phones for Byte This!, worked in New Media, and even modelled clothes for the Shopzone ads in 1990.

Her current job behind the scenes is the head of the creative writing team

Stephanie's first ever appearance on TV was at Rowdy Roddy Piper's Halloween Party in 1985, when she was nine years old.

Her second appearance was on November 30th, 1998 where she passed Stone Cold Steve Austin in a hallway

Stephanie has been at the side of wrestlers who are hurt, most notably Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, and of course, HHH

Stephanie's favourite stores are Bebe and Guess?

Stephanie's favourite wrestler was Andre the Giant, who she appeared in a People Magazine photo with after Wrestlemania 1

Stephanie loves to write

Stephanie has had arthroscopic surgery on one of her knees, and needed more, but refused

Stephanie works through pain in her back, most notably in September 2000 when she hit the apron ackwardly

Steph's nickname in school was "Stephy", and her most vivid memory was getting an egg in her face by her friends. New Kids on the Block reminds her most of her school years. Her best friends at school include Amanda Case and Jessica Domiziano, and her biggest influence by a teacher was her kindergarten teacher, Ms. Keppel

She convinced her parents to take a one-week vacation to Ireland after high school

Stephanie has a pet cat named Lucy, and she likes cars, and she wants to be successful

She considers family extremely important, and would love to have kids one day

Stephanie was on Tough Enough 1 3 times.

Stephanie and Test's wedding song is on Anthology, it is also the song they used for Macho Man Randy Savage and Elizabeth's Wedding

Stephanie loves to play the "circle game", as highlighted on Tough Enough 1

Stephanie was the sideline reporter for the XFL, but only appeared in one game

Stephanie and Linda used to dance in the kitchen to 50's music

Stephanie actually likes being called a "slut" because it means she is doing her job right (as a heel)

The Steph/Kurt/HHH love triangle was thought of as the storyline of the year in 2000

Stephanie got breast implants over the summer of 2001 during her role as the owner of ECW

Stephanie was voted "America's Best Wrestling Personality" by Time Magazine

Jerry Lawler thinks Stephanie is very attractive and can look very sexy

Stephanie's favourite movie is Princess Bride

Stephanie's favourite actress is Lucille Ball, and her favourite actor is Jack Nicholson

Stephanie's favourite author is Stephen King, and any book by him is among her favourites

Stephanie's favourite city to visit is Boston

Stephanie's favourite type of music is soul

Stephanie's favourite sport besides wrestling is football

Stephanie is one of only two divas to be married and divorced on screen. The other was the late Miss Elizabeth

Stephanie is one of a few divas who can say they have never been put through a table by the Dudley Boys. It is rumoured that she wanted to take a table bump, but was not allowed.

Stephanie's wedding day is October 25th, 2003.

The dates of Stephanie's on screen weddings are: April 26th, 1999, November 28th, 1999 November 29th, 1999, and February 11th, 2002.

Stephanie is the only female to pin the Rock.

Stephanie wanted to be a choreographer when she was younger, but because of her shot knees, she had to give that up.

For Christmas 2001, Stephanie bought Triple H framed photos of EVERY Mr. Olympia winner, which he keeps in his gym.

Stephanie and Triple H were married onscreen for 804 days.

Stephanie can be seen on camera in the crowd briefly on Wrestlemania 14. She is sitting with Linda and what appears to be an old boyfriend maybe, and also some friends.

Stephanie's favourite book is "Color Purple" by Alice Walker.

Her favourite book as a child was "Sleeping Beauty" by Norman McGary.

The bridesmaids that were used at Steph's wedding to Test were her actual friends from school.

Stephanie said that at her real wedding she is going to have the friends that she had at her wedding to Test as the bridesmaids.

Stephanie is the only woman to be put in the position of General Manager on either show.

Stephanie has been on two TV shows in her career. Tough Enough, and the Weakest Link.

Stephanie and Christopher Nowinski share the same birthday.

Stephanie wears glasses.

The McMahons used to have a black lab named Star that puked so much Linda had to get rid of it. They also had a wert highland terrier named Buster and two bull mastiffs. (Thanks, Jenn!)

Stephanie's name means Crown in Greek.

Stephanie was once in the audience of Prime Time Wrestling in the early 90's